What Can Floating Do For You?

Makes You Happy

Releases Endorphins

Lower Blood Pressure

Slows heart rate and lowers blood pressure

Chronic Pain

Helps with chronic joint and body pain

Speed Up Recovery

Speeds up athletic and injury recovery

Sleep Better

Get The Best Sleep Ever

Lower Stress levels

Decrease Cortisol Levels

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An Introduction To Floatation Therapy And Zenning Out | Your Zen Life

Floatation therapy is being marketed as one of the most effective forms of stress relief as well as aiding migraines, depression, asthma, high blood pressure and more. Source: An Introduction To Floatation Therapy And Zenning Out | Your Zen Life

The NBA Playoffs Are Here And Here’s How Stephen Curry Trains His Mind

A new campaign for healthcare brand Kaiser Permanente stars the Golden State Warriors superstar talking about the mental side of the game. Source: The NBA Playoffs Are Here And Here’s How Stephen Curry Trains His Mind

Out Of My Mind And Loving It!! – Scientific Research on Floatation Therapy

“Floatation therapy was once considered a fringe field of sensory deprivation better suited for sci-fi movies than an academic laboratory—but no longer. Thanks an ever-growing body of scientific research, floatation therapy, commonly referred to in scholarly literature as floatation REST, grows each year in stature as a promising treatment for afflictions as wide-ranging as fibromyalgia, addiction, and ADHD.” Full Story Here […]

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What our clients say

I recommend PuREST Float Center on so many levels. For those who are looking to relax mentally, sooth physically, or looking to improve subconscious creativity. They are a very friendly and mindful group of people who have this process down to an art form. The best part for me is the euphoria after the float is done. It’s quite literally a massage for your body, mind and soul. And they’ll let you hang out in the lounge as long as you need.

Claustrophobics, do not fear. You have the option to keep the ambient LED light in the tank on or off. And to call it a “tank” is slightly misleading. It’s just a big tub with a glass door, engineered to provide your mind and body with an enlightening experience. I went to PuREST once, and I’ll be back again soon.

Nick Robinson

I was a little stressed out and apprehensive about floating before I went. You know. Thoughts of “Altered States” and archaic 1970’s sensory deprivation tanks etc. When I got to PuRest my floating anxiety was immediately reduced by the chill atmosphere, concise instructions, and friendly staff. My float ended up being a gentle, relaxing, meditative, almost spiritual experience and I didn’t want to get out of the tank when my session was over. If you want to experience something really out of the ordinary, this is it! I’ve already been back a second time for a 90 minute float! Michael Barone

Michael Barone

I had the most incredible experience!! I do intense workouts and I felt like jelly after my 90 minute session. The private room and tub was septic clean and I am a germ-a-phobe. The staff is knowledgeable about the PuRest process and they truly want you to have a great experience. i am going to bring my workout friends here. This will help my mind, body and spirit rejuvenate!! You have to try it!!

Monica Kotcher

Gave this as a gift to my mom and she loved it so much she will definitely be returning. The place is very clean and organized. The staff and the owners are absolutely amazing and make you feel really comfortable especially being that it was a first experience for her. I will definitely be recommending this location to family and friends!!!

Jessica Gonzalez

Floating has been such a great stress relief for me. It has allowed me to take the day to day challenges away for what seems like hours and come out recharged and ready to conquer life with a clearer mind. It’s only my 4th float to date, but look forward to adding this to my monthly “I’m worth it” list. Thank you Chris for bringing this opportunity to our backyard.

Trish Buchetto-Thompson

Received my floats as a gift. Best gift I ever got! Great experience. The facility is clean, the staff, friendly and they have a lovely relaxing room with tea and a nice view. Wonderful experience and I’ll be back for sure.

Lynn Walsh
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